When it comes to tennis betting, one term you may come across is “walkovers.” But what exactly does this mean? Let’s break it down for you in this tennis betting guide.

### What is a Walkover in Tennis Betting?

A walkover occurs when a player is unable to compete in a match, resulting in their opponent being awarded the win automatically. This can happen for various reasons, such as injury, illness, or disqualification. In tennis betting, a walkover is typically treated as a win for the advancing player, and bets placed on the match are settled accordingly.

### How Does a Walkover Affect Tennis Betting?

If you have placed a bet on a tennis match that ends in a walkover, the outcome will depend on the specific rules of the bookmaker you are using. In most cases, bets on the advancing player will be settled as winners, while bets on the non-competing player will be voided and stakes returned.

### Tips for Dealing with Walkovers in Tennis Betting

– **Stay Informed:** Keep up to date with player news and injury reports to mitigate the risk of unexpected walkovers.
– **Check Bookmaker Rules:** Understand how your chosen bookmaker handles walkovers to avoid any surprises when settling bets.
– **Consider Other Betting Options:** If a player has a history of withdrawals, you may want to explore other betting opportunities to minimize the impact of potential walkovers.

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