Are you a tennis fan who loves placing bets on your favorite players? Then you’ve probably come across the issue of void bets in combo bets. Don’t worry, we’re here to answer some common questions about handling void bets in combos when using Bet365 Tennis. Let’s dive in!

What is a Void Bet?

A void bet is when a selection in your combo bet is canceled for any reason, such as a player withdrawing from a match due to injury. When this happens, the selection is removed from your combo bet, and the odds are adjusted accordingly.

How Does Bet365 Handle Void Bets in Combos?

When you have a void selection in your combo bet, Bet365 recalculates the odds by treating the void selection as odds of 1.00. This means that the remaining selections in your combo bet are still active, and only the odds for the void selection are changed.

What Happens to My Stake in a Void Bet?

Your stake in a combo bet with a void selection remains the same, but the potential payout is adjusted based on the new odds. So, if one of your selections is voided, your potential winnings will be recalculated based on the updated odds of the remaining selections.

Remember, handling void bets in combos is a common occurrence in the world of sports betting, so it’s essential to understand how Bet365 manages these situations to make informed decisions when placing your bets.

So, next time you encounter a void bet in your combo, don’t panic! Bet365 has got you covered with their transparent and fair policies for handling void bets in combos.

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